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Boudoir Portraits


TiffaneyAnn Photography is a renowned Luxury Boudoir Studio with a strong reputation. Our focus is on delivering exceptional boudoir photography services to clients in Los Angeles and Orange County. Boudoir Photography has a special quality that may initially seem daunting, but in reality, it can be an empowering experience. Our “Beauty & Boudoir” photography aims to provide the ultimate experience for every woman, encouraging them to embrace their individual beauty and celebrate their inherent femininity. We take pride in being an inclusive and welcoming SAFE SPACE for everyone.

Wedding Portraits


Once the enchantment of your wedding day fades away, and the echoes of laughter and joy subside, what remains are treasures frozen in time: the ethereal beauty captured by photographs and the vivid memories etched into videos. Your wedding, a once-in-a-lifetime celebration, is a tapestry woven with meticulous details, from the sublime venue that embraced your love to the exquisite blossoms that adorned your path. As the petals droop and the last delectable morsel of the cake is savored, these visual mementos endure, gracefully transcending the ephemeral, ensuring that the magic and essence of your special day are forever cherished.

The Portrait


Elevate your Portrait Photography experience with our custom-designed sessions, exclusively crafted for everyday women of all ages and their families. Our dedicated creative team will be there right from the beginning, providing professional hair and makeup services by a licensed stylist. We carefully select your wardrobe to achieve the exact look you desire. During your photo shoot, our expert photographer will direct the session to capture your unique personality and highlight your best features. Immerse yourself in a luxurious salon experience at our studio, where you can unwind and enjoy being pampered while we create stunning magazine-style portraits just for you.

Your Image is Crucial to Your Business!


Welcome to TiffaneyAnn Photography, where our passion and expertise blend seamlessly to create headshots that are truly extraordinary. We believe in capturing the essence of each individual, regardless of their background or profession, in a way that leaves a lasting impression. Whether you’re an aspiring actor ready to unveil your inner star or a visionary business owner looking to redefine your brand identity, our specialized services are designed to ignite your imagination and bring your unique story to life through the lens. Get ready to embark on a creative journey tailored exclusively for you.

Being photographed is a vulnerable experience in itself. A photograph is the closest we come to making time stop.


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Photography is a powerful medium that freezes fleeting moments, allowing us to capture and preserve fragments of our lives, evoke emotions, tell stories, and bridge the gap between diverse cultures and experiences




Photographer/ Creator
Boudoir by TiffaneyAnn Photography- A Fine Art, Luxury Boudoir Photography Studio based in Long Beach, California. Serving Los Angeles and Orange County. Worldwide We believe the individual’s unique qualities come across and their characteristics are frozen in that moment. It helps to have someone behind the lens who can capture you without the awkwardness of feeling exposed. Freelance Long Beach Photographer Tiffaney Vazquez, through the challenges in her personal life knows how it feels to be “under the microscope” of judgment. She doesn’t just blend in but remains true to self. She provides you with a comfortable, professional environment. Her photos capture YOU as you truly are and not a fabrication of you. TiffaneyAnn Photography is THE place to go when the standard portraiture photos are not what you want. Allow Tiffaney to capture parts of your life that will last forever.
 TiffaneyAnn Photography invites you to a personal session with her and her all female team.

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