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"I wanted to take maternity pictures with my husband and son but I didn't have a location or any clue of what I should wear. Tiffaney was so helpful in finding locations and even helped me out in telling me what type of outfits would look good. She made all of us feel very comfortable and the experience was so much fun! She was so good with my 5 year old son and we got the coolest pics that were even better then we imagined. I'd definitely go back to Tiffaney for photos and recommend her for anyone that is looking for a fun and creative experience."
"I was recommended to Tiffaney by a friend, after talking to her over the phone about my expectations on my first ever maternity shoot I decided to hire her. I am very happy to have chosen her to take my photos. She was fun and easy to work with, I can't wait to see all my photos finished! I already booked her for my baby's newborn shoot in February also!! So excited"
"Tiffaney is so awesome! I was able to get to know her over the phone and in person before shooting. Tiffaney shot a Boudoir session for me which I was VERY very nervous about and made me feel so comfortable! She is incredibly professional! Her down to earth attitude really helped me through the session. I HIGHLY recommend Tiffaney's services for any shoot. She has done fabulous weddings, maternity shoots etc. Also - she was incredibly prompt in her responses to me as well as getting my photos back. I highly recommend using FuzzyHead."
"Tiffaney was hired by the law firm I work for to take our professional headshots. She came to our office on a Sunday (as the pictures had to be taken during non-operating hours) and did a phenomenal job! She guided us in obtaining our best natural pose and was extremely​ patient with us. She made all of us feel comfortable taking maybe​​ not too comfortable​ poses. She brought all her equipment, a backdrop, a bunch of different lenses to capture different depths on the photos. At one point it became very warm in our building as the AC was not on and Tiffaney remained calm, cool, and collective the whole time. Tiffaney is extremely​ patient, friendly and welcoming and you will not regret hiring her". - Stephanie R.
"TiffaneyAnn, is likable, creative, and became a fast-friend: As a photographer she is fantastical, fanatical, and fabulous. I just wish there more shutterbugs like her. In my book on life, or photo book, honesty and integrity are lifelong prints. I requested a Yelp quote for three hours work - at a fine dining restaurant, which was a wedding venue. L'Opera Ristorante. She photographed groups of twentyfive, forty, and more, as the the in-laws, guests, and my family. Tiffaney captured cake, wine, and merriment - she was polite but strongly-suggestive where to stand and how to strike-a pose, no Vogue just brilliance. Her success is attributed to her tenacity, thoroughness ( and in touch ups), passion, and ethics. TiffaneyAnn is committed to excellence."
"I had an amazing time! Not only was every step of the boudoir shoot comfortable, but super professional. She not only made sure I was okay but took the time to show me the best poses, also what worked and how it came across on once the picture was taken. I highly recommend!!!!!" ~ Chae Costley    
Chae C.
I did a boudoir shoot with Tiffaney in her studio. We spoke numerous times before the shoot to talk about my style and outfit choices. The studio was so neat, with so many different places to shoot. Tiffaney also dealt with my nervousness very well. She made me feel comfortable in my own body. The in-house hair and makeup was also fabulous. Tiffaney even had them make adjustments throughout the shoot to make sure I looked great in every picture. Tiffaney was just amazing!~ Stephanie Buika
Stephanie B.